How To Get Placed In Top MNC’s?

Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Hexaware, well don’t get shocked, surprised, or worried that how I made it to these 5 big MNC’s and would you be able to do it or not, that’s why here I am to share my experience through this blog which will help you to get placed in these MNC’s. In this, I’ve given an overview of how these companies basically hire. I’ll write separate articles about what exactly the process is for each of the mentioned companies including some more MNC’s like TCS, Tech Mahindra, MindTree, etc.

From all the above-mentioned companies, I decided to join Accenture because it has some more perks and benefits as compared to others, in my point of view. Now let’s just straightway dive into how to get into such big MNC’s before you graduate. So if you’re a student and you also dream to work in one of these companies then you’ve landed in right place. I’m very well aware of all the patterns and trends which companies are following right now. A lot has changed after the pandemic, so you need to be updated with the trends and patterns which companies are following in order to hire.

The very first question which would strike your mind would be for sure, “how to get started?” Well, to answer this question let me first tell you the pattern of test in which companies conduct it. Most of the companies have 3 rounds before they let you join their precious organization. The steps are:

1. Aptitude and Coding round

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview

These steps are the basic plot for almost all the companies. In some company it may vary like, they may take the coding round as a second step after the “Aptitude round”, or there may be the case when there would not be any coding round at all. It depends on the kind of CTC for which the company is hiring. For example, cognizant when visited my college it was offering two pay package, one was 4.5LPA & other was 6.8LPA. So for the higher pay i.e. 6.8LPA, the company conducted an additional coding round as a part of the selection procedure. Likewise other companies too. In a nutshell, just keep in mind that if you are aiming for the higher package then you need to appear extra coding round. Otherwise, the above 3 steps would be enough to crack these companies.


Now let’s talk about the various rounds. The very first round would be the “Aptitude & Coding round”. In this round, there would be questions from, quantitative aptitude, verbal, and reasoning. And in addition, some companies also have the questions from basics of programming languages like C, C++, and Java. Whereas, in other cases, they don’t ask anything related to programming languages at all. And in some cases, they can ask you to write code which is fairly easy for a basic pay package, for example, Accenture asks to appear in the coding round whereas Wipro doesn’t ask it at all. Enough of talking about what the company asks, now let me brief you on how to start preparing along with some helpful resources.

Talking about resources, here are some important resources that will help you to prepare:


1. RS Agarwal — Quantitative Aptitude + Logical Reasoning

2. Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Completely Revised Edition For All Other Entrances Recruitment & Aptitude Test by Rajesh Verma

These two are the only books that are more than enough to prepare for the first round of selection. If and only if you’re willing to prepare from books because some people don’t find it very comfortable to practice from online resources.

Online Resources:

1. Join telegram channels





You can join any telegram channel, but be very smart while selecting the telegram channels. There they push important company-wise materials that would gear up your preparation and are more than enough for your preparation. There’s no need to go through various websites, just select one of the above-mentioned resources and stick to it till the last. Because visiting that will only confuse you and it won’t add anything to your preparation. I have experienced this and it wasted a lot of my time. I would suggest you first go through all the above-mentioned links once and then decide as to which one you should stick to in order to prepare in the best possible way with a fixed amount of resources. All the above mentioned are the best in their own ways. But everyone has a different way of approaching questions. So that’s why it is advised to go through each of the above-mentioned links once at least to know your approach and style.


Hearing of an interview scares most of us and it might be nightmares for some of us too. But don’t worry I’ll tell you how not so scary it is, how everything is so smooth and above all interviewers are also human beings like us. They also have been in our position once so whenever you join the bridge for the interview, the very first thing they do is they make sure to calm you down and make you comfortable. The crust is no need to worry about. It’ll all be fine.

10 things you need to keep in mind before you appear for an interview:

1. Make sure you do not bluff about yourself in your introduction

2. Give a very short and satisfying introduction

3. Greet your interviewer before the interview starts and after it ends

4. Ask questions from your interviewer at the end of the interview

5. Give technical introduction, this is not an HR interview

6. Be thorough with your resume

7. Do not add anything in your resume which you are not very well aware of

8. If you don’t know the answer just say “Sorry, sir/ma’am I don’t know”. Don’t waste their time

9. Try to keep the interview interactive by interacting more and more with your interviewer

10. Always keep a smile on your face

Well, to start with let’s talk about the introduction which grabs all the attention of the interviewer. There are two types of introduction, technical and non-technical introduction. The technical introduction includes a little less about your hobbies and interest, more about the technical skills you have. Trust me when I say this, you are the only one who decides how the interview will proceed. This is because whatever you say in your introduction, the interviewer is going to throw questions on those topics only. So play smart and mention those topics only on which you want to be interviewed. Next comes the non-technical introduction which includes less about technical skills, more about the extra-curricular activities and your hobbies, interests, etc. We’ll talk about this in the HR Interview section.

For example: “Good Morning/Afternoon Sir/Ma’am, I am so and so. I belong to XYZ place. I am currently pursuing from ABC College of engineering. I did my higher secondary schooling from _(name & place)__ and my matriculation from _(name & place)__. I am very good at _______ and _______ programing language. I prefer coding in ______ programming language (You can add more skills if you want to). My friends and faculties find me good at problem-solving. I have got a stronghold on communication skills and I also possess good presentation skills.

Something like this can be considered as a good technical introduction. Try it!


Hoof….! If you’ve reached this stage, then my friend then you’ve almost got it. As a matter of fact, there are very few chances of getting rejected in an HR Interview. But since I am saying it’s easy to crack don’t just neglect it. Be prepared for it too and once you leave an impression on HR, the job is yours.

Few things to keep in mind while you appear in the HR Interview:

1. Try to give a non-technical introduction

2. Be very interactive

3. Ask questions about the company, make the interviewer believe that you’re really interested in becoming a part of the organization

4. Greet the interviewer well

5. Carry a BIG smile on your face always

A good non-technical introduction would be something like: “Good Morning/Afternoon Sir/Ma’am, I am so and so. I belong to XYZ place. I am currently pursuing from ABC College of engineering. I did my higher secondary schooling from _(name & place)__ and my matriculation from _(name & place)__. My hobbies are _______,________,________ &_______ . I love ______ and ______ in my free time (You can add more things if you want to). My friends and faculties find me a good orator. I have hosted many events in my college and outside the campus too. I possess leadership capabilities and I’m a team player.

This same introduction was used by me & many of my friends who got placed. You can try it too.

I’ve tried to include everything possible in this article. Just follow the instructions strictly and buckle up your shoes to get hired in the top MNC’s. If you’re here, right now reading this article then trust me half the battle is won because you’ve already started preparing for it. All the best !!!!

Hope this helps.

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